Certified Organic Beef - Dry aged 14 days
• No GMO'S Pesticides • Antibiotics • Growth Hormones
Free range, grass fed beef, good for your health. We don't just cut meat,
we are 100% organic Butcher Shop.
Half a beef or whole $2.50 per pound live weight, cut wrapped and frozen.
All our animals are processed individually, so you are getting your own meat back.
Your meat is wrapped in snowgaurd freezer paper, giving it a longer life. We also offer freezer bags for your good

How our organic beef is raised:
All our beef is grass fed. They never receive antibiotics or growth hormones of any type, with unrestricted access to organic pastures
Organic beef Backstrap:
Grass fed beef is prepared in the same manner as wild game. Never over cooking it.
Snowgaurd warped: All our meats are warped the same way giving it a longer life.
Vacuum packed steaks: Are also available.
Hours of operation 7am - 6pm
Bix's Butcher Shop

10145 Aurora Drive

Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
928 699 5557